Volunteering at Horace Mann

Part of Horace Mann School's success over the last century is that it has an extraordinary number of committed parents, graduates, and friends who volunteer their time to help with whatever the cause. Whether it is setting up for Homecoming or helping to raise funds for Annual Fund, our volunteers are extremely important to us.

Alumni Class Agent
Horace Mann relies on a strong network of graduate volunteers or class agents to act as liaisons between their classmates and the school. In this capacity, class agents act as both "friendraisers" and fundraisers.

As a friendraiser, class agents encourage their classmates to stay involved with Horace Mann, attend reunions, Homecoming, or other campus activities that reflect the vitality of the school. They also act as a conduit of information about their classmates to the school, keeping the school abreast of interesting news for the Horace Mann magazine, or of alum marriages, births, career changes, etc. The class agent may also help to reconnect two classmates who may have fallen out of touch, or help the school find a "lost" alum.

As a fundraiser, the class agent participates in the annual phonathons for Annual Fund and will be asked to call classmates for contributions between the phonathons. Graduate support of the Annual Fund is critical to the strength and vitality of Horace Mann. It has been shown time and again, that classes with active class agents have the best reunions, raise the most money for the school and are, as a class, the best connected to their alma mater.

Class agents who have demonstrated loyalty and success as class agents may become eligible for membership on the Alumni Council of the Horace Mann School Alumni Association. Who are the current class agents? Click here for a list.

Annual Fund Parent Grade Representative
Each year, parents are recruited by the Development Committee of the Board of Trustees or from a list of parents who volunteer to help with the school's Annual Fund campaign. It has been through the efforts of the Parent Grade Reps that the Annual Fund has grown both in parent participation and total dollars given to Annual Fund.

Parent Grade Reps support the Annual Fund direct mail component from the Alumni House and Development Office with the all-important personal contact that enables all parents to be reached with the message of the necessity of and responsibility for financial support for the school by all members of the school community.

Every grade will have four or more parents assigned to a grade in which they have a child. These grade reps are usually different than the Parents Association grade or class reps, although the two are not mutually exclusive. A member of the Development Committee of the Board of Trustees is assigned to the grade and serves as a resource to the class reps, providing guidance or help as needed.

What would my responsibilities be as an Annual Fund Grade Rep? As an Annual Fund Parent Grade Rep, you will be asked to call fellow parents assigned to you from your child's class and to ask them for financial support for the Annual Fund. The number of assignments varies, but most parents will be expected to contact between fifteen to twenty parents by phone during the fall. In the winter and spring, additional calls may be necessary to reach all parents, or where appropriate, to follow-up on unspecified or unpaid pledges.

An annual phonathon/training session in the fall (usually October at the Williams Club in New York City) kicks off the campaign and the work of the grade rep. Additional calls are then made from the grade rep's home. During the year, Annual Fund Parent Grade Reps are invited to several special recognition events at the home of a trustee, or with the Head of School, Eileen Mullady.

What other work is involved? Will I have to send letters or process pledges? All pledges and gifts are referred to the Development Office for processing. Tracking reports are provided on a regular basis to keep the forward momentum toward the goal of 100% parent participation in Annual Fund. Occasionally, a grade rep may want to write to a parent, but this is not presently part of the job.

To date, the one and a half year old Annual Fund Grade Rep program has been highly successful in growing parent participation from 54% and 59% for Annual Fund 1998 and Annual Fund 1999 respectively to 71% for Annual Fund 2000. Expectations are that parent participation will exceed 80% for Annual Fund 2001.

Annual Fund Phonathon Volunteers
Graduates, upper school students, parents, and parents of graduates are encouraged to participate in the school's annual fall and spring phonathons held at the Williams Club in New York City.

As a phonathon volunteer, you can make a significant contribution to the school's fundraising efforts. In just one night of fall phonathons, volunteers typically raise over $100,000 for the Annual Fund. In return you are well fed, well thanked, and given an opportunity to do a great thing for your school and meet other graduates and parents.

Summer Job/Internship Provider
The Horace Mann School Alumni House Summer Job/Internship Program depends on the interest and willingness of Horace Mann graduates and parents to offer our graduating seniors and college-age graduates opportunities to intern or work in their places of employment or businesses during the summer months. Students are increasingly interested in finding opportunities that will contribute to their education and further their understanding of possible careers or professions.

In turn, you will have a bright young person, capable of making real contributions to your place of work. Horace Mann students are well educated and bring many skills with them as well.

Homecoming Volunteer (Lower School Fall Frolic)
Parents and students are needed both before Homecoming to help with the planning and during Homecoming to help with the implementation of the now annual Lower School Fall Frolic. Work is needed to help with the set-up and/or running of craft activities, relay races, etc. Parents are needed for planning events, and of course during the day to help run the activities for our younger members of the Horace Mann community.

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