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Dr. Elinor Fosdick Downs recently celebrated her 102nd birthday. Congratulations! Dr. Downs wrote, “I’m still doing very well. Busy as ever, but a bit slower doing it. Some of the energy of these wonderful years at HMS must still be there.”




It’s been another busy year for Marsha Hunt. In February 2013 she released a song she wrote in honor of Gay marriage. The lyrics and story can be found here: http://www.altfg.com/blog/movie/gay-marriage-debate-marsha-hunt-song. On September 18, 2013 the actor/activist attended The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and The Hollywood Sign Trust’s 90th Celebration of the 90th anniversary of the famous Hollywood Sign at Drai’s Hollywood. Marsha celebrated her 96th birthday a month later, on October 17, 2013. A film about her extraordinary life, going from stardom to blacklisted out-of-work actor, to human rights activist, Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity, by filmmaker Roger C. Memos is almost completed. To learn more about this project go to:  http://www.hollywoodandart.com/zeldacandance.html


Marsha Hunt Actress Marsha Hunt attends The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce & The Hollywood Sign Trust's 90th Celebration of the Hollywood Sign at Drai's Hollywood on September 19, 2013 in Hollywood, California.




In October, 2012 Marie Schumann Andrews published Nothing Lasts Forever, a story of love, loss and endurance. The memoir/novel is described as “an epic love story and intimate depiction of post-World War II life to the present that crosses fantasy and reality and addresses a truth each person must face during his or her lifetime.” After graduating from Horace Mann School for Girls, Marie received her B.A. from Russell Sage College in Troy, N.Y. She then worked for Good Housekeeping magazine, and eventually moved to Dublin, Ohio. Marie writes that her greatest joy is her family.




John Smallwood, in a note that accompanied his Annual Fund contribution, asked if he is the last (HM) remaining veteran prisoner of war from World War II. Our research suggests that he is, but if anyone reading this has knowledge of any other HM POWs, please let us share this information with John.




At age 91, David Oppenheimer proudly announces that he is still sculpting, painting and playing tennis. He is glad to be alive and living in Florida, and he misses his classmates.




Earl Bronsteen published The Adventures of a Free Lunch Junkie in 2011 via Createspace. He writes: "I have spent the past 20 years in Boca Raton second careering as a conceptual artist and writer with some success and plenty of fulfillment. I’ve written an essay, Dying for Dummies that might be of interest to other HMers. It’s on my blog: earlbronsteen.blogspot.com. There's also a story just preceding this one about a fan letter I received while on the Varsity Basketball team at Yale in the winter of ’43. Best regards to all.” 

James Salter’s latest novel, All That Is, was published by Knopf in October 2012 to great acclaim. He, along with Robert Caro ’53, was featured in an evocative article in the August 2013 issue of Vanity Fair about four literary lions who summer near one another in the Hamptons http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2013/08/hamptons-sagaponack-literary-enclave. In a recent letter to the HM Alumni and Development office that accompanied a contribution to the Carrington Raymond Fund, in memory of the Barnard School’s longtime Head, Harold M. Unger wrote “I have the warmest and most cherished memories of my years at Barnard from Kindergarten through twelfth grade. My classes there prepared me well for college and for life as well. I will always be grateful for all the years I spent with Mr. Raymond and his colleagues.”




Fred Richardson has published Expatriate Adventures, a memoir of his fascinating life, from age 2 to 15 in Shanghai’s International Settlement and French Concession, and then to Cuba, Venezuela, Guatemala, and, today, at age 88, to a retirement community in Spokane, Washington. His family’s move from Shanghai to New York in 1940 brought Richardson to Horace Mann School, which he fondly remembers. Throughout his travels he even kept a copy of a poem he wrote called “Leaving Home” which appeared in the Fall 1941 edition of HM’s Quarterly.




Fred Henning is happily married for 52 years to his wife, Ann.  They have five children and 11 grandchildren.  Fred has been living in Venice, Florida for the past 17 years.




Martin Duberman published his latest book, The Martin Duberman Reader: The Essential Historical, Biographical, and Autobiographical Writings, in May 2013. The author’s Howard Zinn: A Life on the Left was published in October 2012. This biography of the celebrated interpreter of American history whose seminal work, A People's History of the United States inspired millions, is the first-ever about Zinn.




Dr. Theodore (Ted) Jacobs recently published two books: A coming-of-age novel set in New York in 1948: The Year of Durocher; and The Possible Profession: The Analytic Process and the Process of Change. Class Correspondent Irwin Spiegel continues to gather his class together via email, updating classmates on one another’s latest goings on. A series of Class Notes that he has sent each spring and fall, are archived online. The following are his most recent contributions, from June 2013. We greatly appreciate his efforts.


Wrote Irwin: Carol and I are back in NYC after a comfortable and uneventful winter in Florida. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I was unable to arrange my usual “mini FL reunion”. However, once back in Manhattan, I contacted all class members that have e-mail addresses. Following are the replies that I received.


From Irwin Block: I have moved back to Manhattan after my Connecticut house was flooded by Sandy and I was able to sell it. I am caring for my wife, Harriet, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.  I am also meeting several times during the week with my brother Joel (HM '52), who is a book dealer, to help sell my tremendous book and art collection. Additionally, I have to find time to read again and also visit all the museums in Manhattan. I belong to virtually all of them. And, finally, I am still photographing throughout the day with my Leica cameras. All the best. From Steve Finestone:  Eileen and I moved on March 28, 2013. Plan was to simplify – get rid of pool, a LOT of landscaping and irrigation equipment, downsize, and get off the barrier island to the mainland. We accomplished it all, except the downsizing. We also got a much newer home – first one was built 1992-3, and this one in 2007, so it has high-impact hurricane glass, etc. Have spent the past two months packing and unpacking, getting “stuff” done here – painting, crown moldings, etc., getting to go walk (gently) at the gym maybe once or twice a week, which is not nearly enough, but still trying. Eileen is doing OK. “Kids” are doing well. Arthur Irwin writes:  I wish I had something exciting to report, but unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, my life is uneventful. I still play golf 2-3 times a week and do the small, mundane things that make up everyday life. I am fortunate to live in Lake Success most of the year, and Florida in the winter. Both my children live a few blocks away, which is a blessing. Best regards. From Dick Asher:  At this writing, we are at our home in Kiawah Island, SC for the summer. The beaches and golf courses here are wonderful and Charleston (which is nearby) is extremely interesting, with loads of fine restaurants and things to do and see. I have not seen any HM classmates here, but am maintaining frequent email contact with Mitch Rosenheim who often offers interesting information and pearls of wisdom.  Hope all is well with you. Regards to our classmates, and all the best. Mark Kaufmann writes:  Good to hear from you. Returned from three weeks in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland and Qatar. It is Safari heaven and reaffirms the wonders of nature. I am keeping active as Treasurer of the Harmonie Club, spending three days a week on their needs. Carole continues to paint and show her artwork, having had a most successful exhibit at Art Basel Miami. Had dinner this week with Morton Gluck, who is still a practicing doctor and superb photographer. Best personal regards. Arnold Starr MD reports:  I am finally retired from teaching and research at the University of California.  I have resumed painting and am enjoying the peace and quiet that comes from this passion. Send my regards to all, (Editor’s note: Arnie retired as Professor Emeritus of Neurology and Neurobiology at the University.) Neil Littmann replies: Hope all is well with you and my other classmates. All is well here. Finally turned the big 80 last October. Still playing tennis. Regards. Jay M. Tischenkel reports: I am a founding trustee of Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.  It is the seventh-largest private university in the U.S. out of 1,600.  It is larger than my alma mater, Columbia University.  I serve as director of institutional advancement for the University’s Health Professions Division on a full-time basis.  On a more personal note, my three children, Susan, John and Carolyn are doing fine in their selected professions. I still fly my twin-engine King Air but not as often as I used to.  I hope you, your family, and all the guys of the class of ’49 with whom we’ve met over the years are all in the best of health. Ted Jacobs answered:  I continue to be in the full-time practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in Manhattan. I think that our classmates would get a kick out of my recently published novel, The Year of Durocher, much of which takes place in a fictionalized version of H.M.  Another book of mine on psychoanalysis called, The Possible Profession, was published in June. I hope to see you and other classmates at the next reunion. Dick Kleid writes:  Rhoda and I were in New York City recently, attending our respective college reunions at Barnard and Columbia. We had lunch with Natalie and Irwin Robinson at the Members Dining room at the Metropolitan Art Museum. Peter Tishman resides in the same building as we in Palm Beach and has been helpful to the condo board with its concrete restoration work, especially because of his background in construction and real estate. I am serving in my ninth year as a councilman in the Town of Palm Beach, continuing to volunteer at the Legal Aid Society, and serving as an alumnus interviewer for prospective Columbia College students. 




Michael Halpern wrote: A form letter dated in April, 2013 from our tireless leader John Freund who wrote that 63 percent of our graduating class is still with us and able to support our class, stimulated me to visit the Class Notes section on the HM website to see what's going on. Finding no HM '50 entries, I decided to add one.  In 2007 I retired voluntarily after about 52 years designing and building homes in Atlanta.  Not being able to sit around watching TV and drinking beer, I soon became more active with what has been an important part of my life for 25 years—a long-term non-profit mentoring program for at-risk youth that I helped start in 1988. Called YES!Atlanta (YES stand for “Youth Experiencing Success”), I was, as a volunteer, its first Executive Director. I have remained on the Board all these years and, since my retirement, have been a full-time volunteer as the Assistant Treasurer, bookkeeper, part of the Program Committee, and Webmaster (learning html coding by doing). I stay involved because of an encounter I had back in '88 while volunteering in the Emergency Room of Atlanta's municipal hospital with a Black teenager who seemed hopeless about his life. If you'd like to know more about this, visit our web site www.yesatlanta.org and click on the link at the lower left-hand corner of the landing page. You can also send me an email message by clicking on my name at the very bottom of most pages.  A teenager dropping out of high school incurs a lifetime handicap - your support can make a difference with kids not as lucky as we were.





Myron Lee visited Larry Dessner this summer and also traveled down under to Australia and New Zealand this fall. Posted 12/2/2013




Norman Mintz retired from Loeb Partners at the end of June, 2013. He and Marcia will relocate to Florida for the winters, establishing their residency there and returning to their house in Watermill for the summer. Eric Osterweil (who lives in Belgium) and his wife Evelyn got together with Bobby Bleiweiss and his wife Vida in December 2012 at a cinema center near Tel Aviv for the world premiere of Bleiweiss’ film The Golden Pomegranate. The film tells the story of several generations of a family that leaves Yemen for Israel in 1948. Eric reports that the film showing was followed by a reception and speeches “which I did not understand, plus a fine one in English by Bobby that I did understand. It was a great evening.”  The Class of 1952 continues to meet regularly for lunch each season at a restaurant in Manhattan. Horace Mann Head of School Dr. Tom Kelly joined the classmates at its most recent luncheon on October 7, 2013 at OPAL’s Bar on East 52nd Street. Wrote Alan Sklar, on behalf of “The Reunion Committee”: “Today we had the pleasure of a non-HM ’52-er....Tom Kelly (on the right).

Tom is Head of School (aka Headmaster in our time).  Tom is a silver-tongued Irishman, an articulate, knowledgeable, charming, empathic guy who seems perfectly fit for his current job.  He spoke in detail about how HM has dealt with its recent problems....and answered questions put to him by the following: On the left  Mickey Littmann, Carl Seligson, Burt Siegel, Jay Jacobson, James Freund, Lew Lowenfels ’53, Sirgay Sanger, Eric Osterweil, Alan Sklar, Harry Lipton, and Dr. Kelly. We always enjoy getting together and today we learned a thing or two. AND, we wish you had been there.” 





Sklar reports that each spring a small group of HM ’52 classmates meet for a luncheon at an inn in Connecticut “to dine and reminisce. He wrote, “We’re each 78-years-old and have more fun than many 20-year olds. Attending the latest installment were James Freund, Edgar Aronson, Paul Margulies, Alan Sklar, and John Flaxman. 



Roger Payne wrote to his classmates that he has been working with Operation Toxic Gulf (www.operationtoxicgulf.org), a collaborative campaign between his organization Ocean Alliance and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to study the effects of the 2010 BP oil blowout and its subsequent “clean-up” on the Sperm whales that called this area home. Dr. Payne spent part of the summer of 2013 sailing the Gulf of Mexico in a 93ft ketch called the RV Odyssey, and noted that drilling in the area has resumed as before. He shared “This video that is an update from on board the RV Odyssey and explains the important work in the Gulf. seashepherd.org.au oceanalliance.orghttp://vimeo.com/70294503




Dr. Alan Shalita, distinguished teaching professor and chair of dermatology at SUNY Downstate University Hospital of Brooklyn, was awarded the American Academy of Dermatology's (AAD) Gold Medal on March 1, 2013, at the Academy's annual meeting in Miami. The Gold Medal is the AAD’s highest honor, representing outstanding service in the practice, teaching, science, and administration of cutaneous medicine. Dr. Shalita excels in each of these activities. Gold Medal honorees are accorded honorary membership in the AAD in recognition of their dedication and lifelong commitment to the Academy and its mission. A pioneer in the treatment of acne, Dr. Shalita is internationally recognized within his profession as a leading clinician, scientist, and educator. In addition to having published more than 100 book and journal articles, Dr. Shalita has served as president of both the American Dermatological Association and the Association of Professors of Dermatology, and as vice president of the American Academy of Dermatology.  The Gold Medal is the latest among many honors and awards that have distinguished Dr. Shalita’s long and productive career. Among these is an endowed chair in his name at SUNY Downstate. Since 1975 Dr. Shalita has also been Chief of Dermatology for both University Hospital of Brooklyn and Kings County Hospital Center, and consultant in Dermatology Services for the New York Harbor Veterans Administration Medical Center. In May 2012 Gerald Jonas published Epitaphs, a book of poetry, with paintings by Sanford Wurmfeld ’60. The book is available at http://www.minusspace.com/books.  Since the last publication of Class Notes Robert Caro has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards, following the May 2012 publication of The Passage of Power, book four of Caro’s monumental The Years of Lyndon Johnson. The book was among the finalists for the National Book Critics Circle (NBCC) awards for the publishing year 2012, and was named one of the top ten books of 2012 by the editors of The New York Times Book Review. Caro also was honored with the Norman Mailer Prize for Distinguished Biography, for The Passage of Power, the Gold Medal for Distinguished Service to Humanity from the National Institute of Social Sciences, and was named a Living Landmark by the New York Landmarks Conservancy in 2012. In 2013 he received The New-York Historical Society American History Book Prize for The Passage of Power, and named the author “American Historian Laureate”. In 2013 The Passage of Power was also awarded the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in Biography; the National Book Critics Circle Award in Biography; the Mark Lynton History Prize; and the Plutarch Award from BIO (Biographers International Organization) for best biography of the year.  You can catch up with Robert Caro at several speaking engagements planned in the coming months by going to his website www.RobertCaro.com.  




Martin Sokol writes:  "At 77 years old I took up swimming for exercise.  A year ago I did 3/4 of one lap (75 ft.) and was huffing and puffing.  Now I swim 40 laps in 45 minutes."  Posted 3/31/2013.   

Dr. Robert Tauber was named the recipient of the D. Austin Sniffen Medal of Honor 2012 of the Ninth District Dental Association in recognition of his decades of work as a volunteer teacher at Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine (CDM) in the areas of diagnosis, restorative dentistry and ethics. A graduate of Columbia College and Columbia Dental School, Dr. Tauber is Assistant Clinical Professor of Dentistry at the school, teaching operative dentistry and dental ethics. A past president of the Ninth District Dental Association, he is an auxiliary member of the State Board for Dentistry serving on peer panels. He has served on the New York State Dental Association Council on Ethics, and was its Chair from June 2010-2011. An active member of several other professional dental organizations, he is also faculty advisor to CDM Ethics Club, a hearing officer for the Office of Professional Discipline (OPD), and a consultant to Countrywide Practice Brokerage. He joined the firm in 2003 after 37 years of general practice in Pleasantville, NY.  Prof. Howard R. Wolf,  Emeritus Professor of English (UB), premiered  his play Reunion of a Summer Evening in a staged reading at the Newman Center at the University of Buffalo in October 2013. The play is a one-act for two characters, with music. It portrays a mother-son conversation that takes place on a deck overlooking Lake Ontario, and deals with near end-of-life issues.




Ted Goldsmith writes: “After 45 years in the woman’s coat business, I became a volunteer ESL writing teacher, first at a NYC high school and then at two libraries on Long Island. I recently started my 13th year and teach four adult classes each week.  My second career would not have been possible without Messrs. Niswender, Tomason and Baruth. Thanks HM".  In January 2013, Gerald Friedman celebrated his 50th Anniversary of Admission to the California Bar.  He still loves California and wonders where the time has gone. 




Jim Sabin invites HMers to visit his blog on aging he co-edits - "Over 65" published by he Hastings Center.  Let him know if you would like to write something.  Posted 12/2/2013

Prof. David Koulack published a novel titled Marvin's Novel in August, 2013. This funny and heartwarming novel is the story of Marvin Keselman, a man who has been bullied all his life, first by his parents, then by his wife and even by the students he teaches at university, who learns to stand up for himself and take control of his own destiny. Prof. Koulack taught psychology at Brooklyn College and Washington State University before starting the first sleep and dream research laboratory at the University of Manitoba. During his 35 years at the at the University of Manitoba, he published studies in both the areas of social psychology and sleep research, wrote To Catch a Dream: Explorations of Dreaming, co-authored Single Father's Handbook and co-edited Readings in Social Psychology. He took early retirement in 1999 in order to satisfy his desire to write. His columns have appeared in The Guardian, The Guardian Weekly, The London Sunday Times and The Globe and Mail among others, and his fiction and creative nonfiction work has been published in various literary journals such as The Dalhousie Review, Matrix, Canadian Jewish Outlook, Geist, Existere and The Antigonish Review. Koulack lives and works in Winnipeg.




James K. Lawrence was appointed Special Labor Counsel at the University of Cincinnati for negotiations with the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and is teaching McCarthyism and House UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC) v. the Film Industry.  James also sends his congratulations to classmate, Richard (Dick) Traum, for the honor he received from the Alan T. Brown Foundation for founding and for his commitment to Achilles International. Traum was honored in September 2012 as a “CNN Hero” (http://www.cnn.com/2012/09/13/us/cnnheroes-traum-achilles/index.html). In April 2013 he participated in the Boston Marathon, in a hand-cranked wheelchair. He finished the race three hours before the bombing of that race that killed three and wounded more than 260. Among 28 people with disabilities who are affiliated with Achilles participating in 2013's Boston Marathon, 13 were recently-wounded Achilles members, typically leg amputees who used hand-crank wheelchairs to compete. The organization has helped athletes injured in that Marathon, including recent amputees, to run again, including in marathons in Chicago and New York. Achilles is now gearing up for a triumphant return to the Boston Marathon in 2014, with training for these athletes, and with Traum’s active support.


Alan Maiss writes: "Going back to Tanzania on Safari.  It's my 7th trip to Africa.  A "Dangerous Game" hunt  is my passion!"

Posted 4/11/2014.Steven Goldberg has retired after spending 20 years as Chair of the Department of Sociology of City College, City University of New York. His latest book, Fads and Fallacies in the Social Sciences, published in 2009, contains essays on the causation of sex role differentiation, the death penalty's deterrent effect or lack of same, group differences, and logical aspects of numerous other social issues. He and his wife Joan live in New York City. Prof. Bruce Berman has been at the University of Cambridge this past year as a recipient of the prestigious Smuts Visiting Research Fellowship in Commonwealth Studies. Prof. Berman is Professor Emeritus of Polictical Studies and History and Director and Principal Investigator of the Ethnicity and Democratic Governance Program (EDG) at Queen’s university, Ontario, Canada. The Smuts Fellowship is also attached to a visiting fellowship at Wolfson College at Cambridge, where Prof. Berman was in residence from Oct. 2012-June 2013. While at Cambridge, Prof. Berman worked on a book that is the outcome of the EDG project entitled “The Ordeal of Modernity: the Cultural Politics of Ethnicity.”  David Unger was the opening artist at a series of four shows on the theme “Homage to the Strong Woman” at Bill Hester Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2013. The sculptor, who lives in Tuscon, Az., was also featured in a profile in Jewish Life Arizona magazine in April 2013, which can be found at: http://www.azjewishlife.com/2013/apr/features/david-unger-sculpting-retirement. To view David’s work go to davidungersculptures.com.






In 2012 Sanford Wurmfeld published Epitaphs, a book of illustrations that accompany the poems of poet, author and longtime New Yorker editor Gerald Jonas ’53. In spring 2013 two major exhibitions featured Wurmfeld’s work. “Sanford Wurmfeld: Light & Dark” was Wurmfeld’s first solo exhibition at MINUS SPACE in New York, and featured a suite of new paintings investigating the extremes of light and dark value in color painting. Concurrent with this exhibition, Wurmfeld was also the subject of a 47-year retrospective exhibition entitled “Sanford Wurmfeld: Color Visions 1966-2013” at Hunter College Times Square Gallery, NY. 




Author and publisher Richard Grossinger reconnected with his New York roots last winter, spending about a month in the city, together with his wife Lindy Hough. Both are writers who co-founded North Atlantic Books publishing house in Berkeley, Ca. where they live. The visit coincided with the publication of Grossinger’s latest work, Dark Pool of Light: Reality and Consciousness. A three-volume set, the book weaves neuroscience and the phenomenology of being and reality together with psycho-spiritual views of “that single thing which is most difficult to understand or vindicate: our own existence,” according to Grossinger. The author had several book discussions, readings and signings while in New York. Grossinger and Hough are the parents of Robin Grossinger, a historical geographer at San Francisco Estuary Institute, and Miranda July, a writer, film director, and conceptual artist. Grossinger is the author of nearly 40 books. Learn more at http://www.richardgrossinger.com. Dr. Bill Ramos, who lives in Las Vegas, wrote: “After having been a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight West since 2003 and having completed 64 missions, I have been selected as Wing Commander of the Southern Nevada Wing. Angel Flight West (www.angelflightwest.org) is a member of a nationwide group of organizations that provide air transportation to needy patients, family members, wounded/returning vets, blood products, and organs for transplant to medical facilities. Typically the missions involve trips to or from smaller rural communities to larger, specialized facilities. We also transport numerous youngsters to summer camps for victims of burns, AIDS, diabetes or other life threatening diseases. All costs are covered by the pilots themselves in their own or rented planes. We have an outstanding safety record.”




Ronald Nurnberg enjoyed attending his 50th Year HM Class Reunion at Homecoming 2013 and the luncheon at home of Headmaster,Tom Kelly, and the few classmates who were able to attend.  Posted 12/11/2013


The hits keep coming from Charles Salzberg, who published the acclaimed crime novel Devil in the Hole in August 2013, not long after the October 2012 publication of Swann Dives—the latest installment of his Henry Swann series of detective books. Charles writes that his latest novel “is kind of special for me for a few reasons. 1) It’s not a Henry Swann book, but rather a stand-alone. 2) It’s a book that I began writing more than 15 years ago, something I originally wanted to write as a true crime book. 3) Unlike my the Swann novels, it’s told from multiple perspectives, making it almost journalistic in nature. 4) It’s a little risky because it’s about such a heinous crime, although the crime occurs before the book even begins. Without a large budget from my publisher, I’m pretty much on my own in promoting it—actually, today all writers are pretty much in this position, no matter how large their publisher is. So, here’s the link to Amazon, or you can click on one of these links Click here to order my new novel - Devil in the Hole - on Amazon.  http://https://twitter.com/CharlesSalzberg. Believe, me, this is the most distasteful part for all writers, but if we don’t do it our books languish and the chance of getting our next work published diminishes greatly. Oh, and if you do purchase the book, I’d be happy to send you an autographed bookplate, so you don’t have to come to New York City to have me sign it—though I certainly wouldn’t mind that.” Of Salzberg’s earlier book, Swann Dives In Lauren Weisberger, author of The Devil Wears Prada, says it “takes you in all kinds of unexpected directions, not only giving the reader a fresh view of the crime novel, but a fresh view of the nature of crime itself.” In a recent interview Salzberger said he has been a writer since he was 12 years old “when I wrote my first novel” but began writing for money as a book reviewer for Kirkus Reviews. He has since written and co-authored books on sports and celebrity bios. Charles is a founder of the New York Writers Workshop, where he teaches many talented writers. Weisberger’s best-selling The Devil Wears Prada began as an essay for one of his classes. More information at http://www.charlessalzberg.com.





Edward Beck saw Jaime Robles ’63 in Los Angeles and Rabbi Nat Benjamin ’63 and Eric Sigward in New York City last year. He is also staying in touch on Facebook with Steve Drimmer ’63 Roger Berkley and Alan Rogowsky.  Edward retired in August 2012 from teaching and clinical work to travel the world and to be a full-time grandfather. Dr. Arthur Frank serves as Professor of Public Health and Chair of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the Drexel University School of Public Health in Philadelphia.  He continues to serve on national, state and regional advisory boards and continues his extensive international travel, having done work in China for more than 20 years, and India for more than ten years.  He and his wife, Joanne, are enjoying the addition of their first grandchild into the family. Nicolas Finck is volunteering as an English-conversation coach for new Americans, refugees and visitors learning the language.




Philip Werber published Beechmont Riffs in January 2012. The novel is based on a murder that took place in a Westchester suburb in 1989 Beechmont Riffs is about the protagonist's efforts to solve the crime. Phil started his writing career as a journalist, writing for The Village Voice and other newspapers and magazines. He went on to write award-winning educational films, videos, commercials, and corporate television productions. He traveled the world making a film on sustainable development for The World Wildlife Fund. He lives in La Quinta, CA, where he enjoys hiking the mountains with his wife and his chocolate Labrador retriever, Lola. Robert Brookshire is very proud of his daughter, Devon, who attends Northwestern on a four year basketball scholarship.  She graduated high school summa cum laude, Female Athlete of the Year, Female Scholar Athlete and was class valedictorian. An installation of three-dinemsionalmSculptor

Sculptor Jeffrey Brosk has a work in “The Seventh Day: Revisiting Shabbat” an exhibit at The Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion Museum in New York that runs through June 27, 2014. The show includes works by over 50 leading international artists who have created new works exploring the 21st-century meaning of the Jewish Sabbath. Brosk’s work is a beautiful wooden challah plate, for the ceremonial bread used on the Sabbath. Jeff also has a one-person exhibit at Gremillion & Co. Houston, TX running from March 13 through April 12, and will have one at Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, San Antonio, TX in 2015.





Michael Neufeld and wife, Sue, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary by enjoying a memorable trip to Hawaii.  Posted 11/14/2013


Dr. Raymond Levy’s latest book is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Research: Evidence-Based Practice and Practice-Based Evidence (Current Clinical Psychiatry.) Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Levy is also the founder and Director of The Fatherhood Project, a program in the Department of Psychiatry at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Boston, MA. that aims to increase the role of fathering in children’s lives by conducting group training in fathering skills, developing research on the importance of positive and negative fathering on children’s lives and by providing education to schools, parents and parent-teacher organizations on the critical importance of fathering. Dr. Levy initiated the program to address the need of fathers and their children to have a creative connection despite the social forces separating fathers from their children. Learn more at www.thefatherhoodproject.org.

Longtime Westchester County Legislator, the Honorable Martin Rogowsky retired from his 13 years in office representing Port Chester, Rye Brook, and Harrison, N.Y. in 2012. However, he remains on the public stage, literally, as sidekick to his son Scott Rogowsky ’03 on Scott’s live interview show “Running Late.” The two alums can be seen at Symphony Space in Manhattan on October 2, November 6, and December 4, 2013.  http://www.symphonyspace.org/event/8110/Comedy-Literature-Theatre/running-late-with-scott-rogowsky.




Gary Marton remarks: “In an unusual coincidence, classmate, Sheldon Halprin, is also a judge in the housing part of the NYC Civil Court and has chambers adjacent to mine.”  




Ken Browne’s latest video project with the NYC Schools demonstrates how to have success with SIFE students—immigrant students who arrive in NYC with at least a two-year gap in schooling. Ken writes: “One student featured in the film never went to school before walking into Harbor Heights Middle School in upper Manhattan!” More about the film at: http://schools.nyc.gov/Academics/ELL/EducatorResources/SIFE.htm  




Jeff Chusid’s Saving Wright, published in 2012, was awarded the 2012 Historic Preservation Book Prize. http://www.umw.edu/news/2012/05/07/umw-announces-2012-historic-preservation-book-prize 


Oscar (Ozzie)Taube writes:  “I continue to work in pediatrics and adolescent medicine at Sinai Hospital, a community hospital in Baltimore (well known to Frank, from his training days at Hopkins).  Most of my work involves the inner city community-Southern Park Heights- that surrounds our hospital.  A particular interest of mine is the transition of adolescents and young adults with Special Health Care Needs from a Pediatric "Medical Home" to an Adult "Medical Home."  Especially with poor patients, it's not as easy as it sounds because lots of these young people fall through the cracks when their pediatrician says ‘You're 21 now, I can't continue taking care of you.’  I was just awarded an American Academy of Pediatrics "Community Access to Child Health" grant to improve this transition process in my community! Very exciting!


And last Thursday I learned that I was a "top doc" in Adolescent Medicine in Baltimore Magazine.  (Doesn't New York Magazine have a yearly "Top Docs" issue?). It ain't the Nobel Prize, but since it's awarded by my peers, it's a nice honor.  My son Sam is a sophomore at Univ. of Maryland, College Park, majoring in economics, and loving it. He had trouble making friends in High School, and now is surrounded by friends, having a great time, and maybe studying...a little?  Just got hearing aids- my wife Jean and I always quote the pilot's announcement, near the end of a flight "Ladies and gentleman, we are beginning our descent." The audiologist asked me what I thought was the cause of my hearing loss. Easy to answer, I said: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. 

Well, I plead guilty to tooting my horn, but there you go. Hope everyone is doing well.

Scott Camazine writes:  I have a bit of news that I would love to share with everyone.  It is a project that I am working on.   It is an amalgamation of my passions for medicine, nature and art.   I am creating 3D prints of animal skulls in stainless steel, bronze and silver.  I have never focused all my energies on my medical career.  There are just too many other interesting things to do.  So, here is my latest project.   If you could help me get the word out, that would be great.  I would love to see this project take off.  Here is the announcement written by my wife, Tina, that we have been circulating:

 Medical doctor applies 3D printing technology in a new way --  creating sculpture from CT scans of animal skulls 

Scott Camazine, a medical doctor, a biologist, and an artist, currently living in Pennsylvania, has been working on an innovative project -- turning CT scans of animal skulls into scientifically accurate and exquisitely detailed sculptures.  The sculptures can be used as jewelry or displayed on a stand or in a bell jar.  

 Dr. Camazine has developed an innovative use for both the new technology of 3D printing and the medical technology of CT scanning.   Dr. Camazine begins by running a specimen skull  through a CT scanner.  He then uses radiology and 3D modeling software to transform the CT scan slices into a printable digital file.   Then he sends the digital file to a 3D printing company that prints the sculpture.  

To date, Dr. Camazine has created sculptures of a Caiman alligator skull, a black bear skull, and a spider monkey skull.   The sculptures are approximately 2 inches in length and have been printed in acrylic plastic, and stainless steel infused with bronze.   They can also be printed in bronze and in sterling silver.  The sculptures can be scaled to any size, from tiny miniatures to larger than life size. 

Dr. Camazine has just launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to get exposure and support for his project.    He has about 30 more animal skulls planned, including a gorilla, a chimpanzee, a ram, a white tailed deer buck, a sea turtle, and a Japanese goat antelope.   

Do you love nature and animals?  Do you think that combining computer technology, medicine, and 3D printing  is an interesting way to create sculpture?  Then check out Dr. Camazine's project on the Kickstarter site and consider backing it: http://kck.st/19uUDNC

 Dan Klein writes:  “Daughter #2 is now engaged also.  So we’ve got weddings this coming summer and the next.  Ariel’s intended, Eric, is an aerospace engineering PhD candidate at the University of Bristol.  Ariel is managing the Edgar Modern Gallery in Bath.  www.edgarmodern.com.   Lauren and Gabby are now  WOOFing in New Zeeland.  They are taking their honeymoon ahead of their wedding.  Lauren spent most of the summer doing relief in the Philippines.  Then Gabby  met her in Bangkok.  They toured much of southeast Asia before landing in Auckland a month ago.  They head to Chicago where they hope to settle in December and Lauren comes down to visit us in FL for a few days between Christmas and New Year’s.

I’ve been retired since the end of August, 2012.  Since then I’ve helped run a charity golf event to support IPF research at Brigham and Women’s in Boston.  (My dearest friend is alive due to a lung transplant;  so I owe them.)  I’m also ritual chair for my synagogue and am providing volunteer marketing support to a wonderful music school in Littleton,MA  www.indianhillmusic.org.

My golf game still stinks but it’s fun. I’ll be here in Port Charlotte, FL until mid-Feb.  Let me know if you want a respite once winter strikes.   Posted 10/29/2013



Richard Trifan premiered four new songs at The Cutting Room in New York in August 2013. His show was part of The Big Apple Indie Music Series (www.TheBigAppleIndieMusicSeries.com or www.tbaims.com) and Richard sang and played four instruments. TBAIMS is a monthly music showcase that focuses on bringing in music, entertainment, TV, and film industry executives. Musicians perform by invitation only. Richard Trifan is a top recording artist, session player and Juilliard-trained composer and pianist. After his music education he plunged into the New York session scene, working with top producers and recording with The Village People on all three Gold Records, and with Luther Vandross, Stan Turrentine, and Garland Jeffries. He has also toured the U.S. and Canada with Natalie Cole, and with Bette Midler on her first USA tour, recording the “Live at Last” double album at the Cleveland Music Hall. Richard’s latest single “Party on the Underground” blends his songwriting and producing skills with his dual vocals. Richard has also collaborated with film producers Robert Schaffel (“Sunnyside” with Joey Travolta) and Victor Masayesva ("Paatuwaqatsi -Water, Land and Life") and more. Performing over 25 benefit concerts in Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, and the U.S. Richard is also a pioneer of interactive music and art education for children, creating avatar ‘mentors’ who can provide real time feedback to students not able to be present in a classroom. More at http://www.richardtrifan.com/




Paul Shipper was a 2012 Grammy Nominee. Paul is a singer, instrumentalist, actor and opera director. A former faculty member of Mannes College of Music and the New School, he is a founding member of the renaissance music ensemble, Ex Umbris, and the baroque group Ensemble Viscera.




David Singer was re-elected as vice chair of the Board of Governors of Nova Law School.  He has practiced personal injury law in south Florida for 34 years.




After a busy holiday performance period, followed by a January hiatus, Jonny Rosch is back, with his popular Rock, Roll and Blues jam called “Johnny Rosch and Friends.”  But, now, he’s at a new venue. This Upper West Side institution in which Rosch has showcased the great talents who perform as back-up and session-band musicians for the entire roster of Rock & Roll royalty, has moved to The Triad Theater (also known as Stage 72), 158 West 72nd Street, (72nd Street between Broadway and Columbus - upstairs). Rosch’s first show at this new venue happens on Tuesday night, February 11, 2013, and he hopes the turnout will enable him to guarantee a continuing crowd so that he can host his “Friends” at The Triad for years to come. As always, there’s no admission charge, but guests pay for their drinks. Jonny’s first show at The Triad/Stage 72 features Jon Herington—Guitar//vocals for Boz Scaggs, Bette Midler, Phoebe Snow and more; Zev Katz—Bass for James Brown, Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin, Jeff Beck, Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Sting, Willie Nelson, and many more; and Jerry Marotta – Drums, with Peter Gabriel, The Indigo Girls, Hall and Oates, John Mayer, Tears For Fears, Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, 10,000 Maniacs, Carly Simon, Suzanne Vega, Stevie Nicks, T-Bone Burnett, Cher, and more. You never know who will drop in to join the band, but surprise performers are always in store.




Jon Weiner published “A VAT Primer” in The Practical Tax Lawyer, an American Bar Association, concerning the value added tax. The article focuses on the types and mechanics of the VAT and discusses the VAT’s place in American fiscal policy. Jon has followed his interest in securities law as well, by taking part in the Regulatory Compliance Association’s program to train compliance personnel. In between all this work, he has traveled to see the monkeys in Costa Rica.  Jeffrey Goldsmith was elected mayor of his home town of Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey in 2012. Dr. Jay Lieberman became Professor and Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery of the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC) on September 1, 2012. He was has also appointed orthopaedist-in-chief, Keck Medical Center of USC, director of the USC Institute of Orthopaedics, and chief of Orthopaedics at the Los Angeles County and USC Medical Center. A noted physician and total joint replacement surgeon, Dr. Lieberman moved to the Keck School of Medicine from his position as professor and chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and director of the New England Musculoskeletal Institute at the University of Connecticut Health Center. A distinguished physician, in March 2012 Dr. Lieberman was honored by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons with the 2012 Kappa Delta Elizabeth Winston Lanier Award for Outstanding Orthopaedic Research, in recognition of his research on the benefits of gene therapy to enhance bone repair.  Former Congressman Peter Deutsch divides his time between Florida, where he founded several Hebrew Charter schools, and Israel, where his family lives, as described in this article: www.jta.org/2013/07/17/news-opinion/politics/after-career-in-congress-peter-deutsch-finds-new-life-in-israel




Todd Morrison is pleased to announce that Diamond of Blue won the seventh race on opening day at Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego in 2013. Todd is a part-owner of the 4-year-old, a horse trained by Hall-of-Famer Jerry Hollendorfer and ridden to victory by Corey Nakatani. Todd had the good fortune to see the race as he has a few horses running on the West Coast in partnership. In his other life Morrison is a Budget Director for the New York City Department of Design and Construction. Together, Ed Redlich and John Bellucci ’77 are co-creators and co-executive producers of the “Unforgettable” crime-drama series on CBS. In August 2013 they cast Mark Nelson ’73 in a starring role to great success. Read about the experience that brought three HM alumni together at: http://www.horacemann.org/cf_news/view.cfm?newsid=602. Steven Lowy was featured in an article in the December 2012 issue of JETSET Marketplace Magazine. The article discusses Steve’s three decades of involvement in the art world, in particular his emphasis on the artists collected by Solomon Guggenheim, collectively known as “The Art of Tomorrow” Group.  Steven is the owner and President of Portico New York. Inc., www.porticony.com) an art advisory and curatorial firm specializing in 20th century Modernism. To read this fascinating article please go to: http://www.jetsetmag.com/categories/home-design/portico-fine-art.html#nav.


Douglas Henderson recently took part in the 60th anniversary celebration of former NYC Mayor David Dinkins and Joyce Burrows Dinkins. Doug has known the Mayor since 1978, and Mayor Dinkins has been a mentor ever since, attending Henderson’s law school graduation. Early in 1988 the alumnus conceived the idea of having Jimmy Connors and Ilie Nastase play in a benefit for David Dinkins’ campaign for mayor of New York City. An account of this effort that also came to involve Arthur Ashe and John McEnroe, as well as details about his friendship with Mayor Dinkins can be found in Henderson’s book Endeavor to Persevere: A Memoir on Jimmy Connors, Arthur Ashe, Tennis and Life. The book came out in paperback in April 2013. Writes Doug: “I cannot tell you how much I love my alma mater.”





Ed Redlich ’76 and John Bellucci are co-creators and co-executive producers of the “Unforgettable” crime-drama series on CBS. (See note for 1976, and read more at: http://www.horacemann.org/cf_news/view.cfm?newsid=602. Claudia Covo wrote: “We have completed the Horace Mann School phases in our lives as Mariel graduated June 2012 and headed to Yale. Dana graduated HM ’09 and Emory ’13.”




In January 2013 David Goldhill published Catastrophic Care: How American Health Care Killed My Father—And How We Can Fix It, a widely-acclaimed book that expands upon the groundbreaking article How American Health Care Killed My Father, that Goldhill published in The Atlantic in 2009. Here are two clips of him discussing the book, on NPR http://www.npr.org/books/authors/169135721/david-goldhill, and with Stephen Colbert: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/424004/february-20-2013/david-goldhill. David is also President and Chief Executive Officer of The Game Show Network, LLC (GSN).




Madeline Schwartzman’s project “365 Day Subway: Poems by New Yorkers” was featured in a cover article in the January 31, 2014  issue of the Wall Street Journal, in the Greater New York section, and aired on PBS’s NEWSHOUR on April 5, 2014. Schwartzman, who lives in Brooklyn with her husband and twin daughters, said she became inspired to connect with people with whom she wouldn't ordinarily interact after publishing her 2011 book See Yourself Sensing, about the boundaries of human perception (www.madelineschwartzman.com.) Asking strangers to write poems offers access to their deepest emotions, Schwartzman believes. Since May 2013, every time Schwartzman rides the subway this author, filmmaker and adjunct professor of architecture at Barnard College asks a stranger to write a poem. Thus far she has collected around 200 poems.  You can read these spontaneous bursts of creativity and follow the project on: http://www.poemsbynewyorkers.com. Here are links to the Wall Street Journal article http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702303973704579355260160087536 and to the PBS broadcast http://www.pbs.org/newshour/"http://www.pbs.org/newshour. Posted 4/7/2014

Evan Rosen published The Bounty Effect: 7 Steps to the Culture of Collaboration in May 2013.  

The Collegiate Chorale announces the addition of Ted Sperling as Artistic Director to the company's executive team.  Posted 10/30/2013




Marco Della Cava is a longtime domestic and foreign correspondent for USA Today who, these days, covers pop culture, technology, and a fair share of celebrity news. In February 2013 he ran into HM friend Regina Kulik Scully on the red carpet at the Oscars, when Regina’s film “The Invisible War” was nominated in the Best Documentary Feature category. Marco’s next assignment took him to Rome to cover the Vatican conclave and the election of one of the world’s biggest celebrities, Pope Francis. Della Cava’s articles and tweets from the Conclave give a fascinating inside look at a remarkable moment in modern history, and are well worth reading (http://content.usatoday.com/topics/reporter/Marco+R.+della+Cava). In 2010 Justin Spring published Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward, Professor, Tatoo Artist, and Sexual Renegade and An Obscene Diary: The Visual World of Sam Steward, written with Seward.  Secret Historian was named a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, and a top-ten book for 2010 in ARTFORUM and The San Francisco Chronicle. A National Book Award Finalist in 2010, the book was also an American Library Association Stonewall Honor Book for 2011, a winner of the Lambda Literary Award in Biography, a winner of the Randy Shilts Prize for Gay Non-Fiction, and was a runner-up for the PEN America Center/Weld Prize for Distinguished Biography.  




Andrew Solomon’s Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity was one of the most highly acclaimed books of 2012. A finalist for the National Book Critics Circle (NBCC) awards for the publishing year 2012, it was named one of the top ten books of 2012 by the editors of The New York Times Book Review. In September Solomon was among more than 100 writers, poets and illustrators selected to speak at the 13th annual Library of Congress National Book Festival, in recognition of this year’s festival theme: “Books That Shaped the World.” In October 2013 Andrew Solomon accepted the  National Council on Crime and Delinquency’s first Distinguished Achievement Award in Nonfiction for his book, as part of the Media for a Just Society Awards. To catch one of Andrew’s readings or appearances around the country, go to: http://andrewsolomon.com/events. Regina Kulik Scully is an executive producer of “The Invisible War” which was nominated for an Oscar in 2013 in the Best Documentary Feature category. The film makes visible the epidemic of sexual assault in the U.S. military. The film was named Best Documentary at the Independent Spirit Awards, and Audience Favorite at  the Sundance Film Festival in 2013. Regina was also honored with the Ida B. Wells Award for Bravery in Journalism by Women’s eNews for her work on this film. The award was part of the news organization’s 21 Women Leaders for the 21st Century, which annually recognizes 21 remarkable leaders from around the world whose energy and vision help change lives. Scully also recently created the Artemis Rising Foundation, “to give a voice to the extraordinary stories that shed light on issues in our society that need to be changed, healed . . . transformed,” Scully says. A particularly exciting part of this exciting year for Regina was running into close HM friend  Marco Della Cava ’80 on the red carpet on Oscar night, on Feb. 28, 2013. Marco was there covering the happening for USA Today. See story at: http://www.horacemann.org/cf_news/view.cfm?newsid=546. 





Proud alum, Michael Samuels is enjoying his newly-built LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold veterinary hospital.  This is the first such facility to be recognized by LEED.  




In 2012 Matt Marshall moved to Concord Music Group where he was named head of A&R for the Fantasy, Stax, and Hear Music record labels.  Alex Counts recently saw Debbie de Furia when on business in Rome.  Paul Hilal was elected to Grameen Foundation Board of Directors in 2012.  Posted 10/9/2013




Julie B. Rosenshein, LICSW is a school social worker, private psychotherapist, and public speaker who works with AD/HD, Indigo, and highly sensitive children. She published Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child in May 2013.  




In September 2013 New York Army National Guard Lt. Col. Seth L. Morgulas was appointed to command the 369th Brigade Troops Battalion, based at the historic Harlem Armory. Morgulas, a veteran of the War in Iraq, is a full-time Guard officer, who previously served as the operations officer for the National Guard's 53rd Troop Command at Camp Smith Training Site near Peekskill. The 369th Brigade Troops Battalion is part of the 369th Sustainment Brigade. The 369th Sustainment Brigade, known as the Harlem Hellfighters, traces its history back to the all-Black 369th Infantry Regiment which distinguished itself in World War I, earning more French Croix de Guerre medals for heroism than any other unit in the American Army. 



Gil Shaham, the Grammy and Avery Fisher Prize-winning-violinist and Horace Mann School Distinguished Alumnus and his sister internationally-acclaimed pianist Orli Shaham ’93 released an album, “Nigunim: Hebrew Melodies” on Shaham's own Canary Classics label on March 28, 2013. The album features Jewish and Jewish-themed music for violin and piano, including performances of music by Ernst Bloch; a world-premiere work commissioned by the Shahams from Israeli composer Avner Dorman; and John Williams’ “Remembrances” from “Schindler's List.” 




Julie Hyman, Esq.  joined the Hudson Valley Bank’s Business Development Board in January 2013. She is the founder of Julie Hyman, PC, a matrimonial trial and appellate law firm located in Riverdale, NY. In business since 2004, Julie Hyman, PC handles complex divorce, custody, support, prenuptial, postnuptial and separation agreements, paternity, post-divorce modification and enforcement proceedings as well as all related general practice issues. She has made landmark decisions covered in the New York Law Journal and other media. She has also served as First Vice President of the New York Women’s Bar Association since 2011 and was formerly the organization’s treasurer and chair of publicity. She is also a board member of Women’s Bar Association of the State of N.Y. As a former child actor, she is a member of SAG-AFTRA, and a past national board member of SAG. Along with Horace Mann School, she is a graduate of Barnard College, and Cardozo Law School. Seth Morgulas was promoted in 2011 to the position of Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army and is assigned as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, Training, Security and Intelligence at 53rd Troop Command in Cortlandt Manor, New York. He was responsible for coordinating the rescue and relief efforts of the National Guard for the entire region during and after Hurricane Sandy. (see story: http://www.horacemann.org/cf_news/view.cfm?newsid=493) His son is in HM’s Nursery Division, Class of 2027.



Through her work in creating and directing the Smith-Magenis Syndrome Research Foundation (www.smsresearchfoundation.org) Jennifer Melamed Iannuzzi and the organization’s co-founder Missy Longman have made a significant contribution to advancing research in this rare condition. Support from the SMS Research Foundation made it possible for Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, where promising  research in this area is underway, to establish a new center focused on expanding research into this complex genomic disorder. In a ceremony at Baylor on September 30, 2013 it was announced that the center was launched on September 30, 2013 and will be named the SMS Initiative sponsored by the SMS Research Foundation at BCM. The Foundation will contribute $300,000 over five years to establish a fellowship and research program, which will enable trainees (graduate students or postdoctoral fellows) to learn, develop and focus research efforts on Smith-Magenis syndrome, with special focus on the function and regulation of the RAI1 gene which has been associated with the disease. Smith-Magenis syndrome is a genetic disability that affects many parts of the body. When her young daughter was diagnosed with SMS Jennifer Iannuzzi dedicated herself to caring for her daughter, along with two older brothers, while also searching for research and treatment possibilities. This led her to partner with Longman, who also has a child with SMS, to launch their Foundation, find the most promising research being done, and fundraise to support this research in the face of limited funding for such research, particularly for rare diseases. 

To read more on Jennifer’s activities on behalf of SMA, please see the following :  http://www.hamlethub.com

and http://goodmorningwilton.com





Joshua Siegel and wife Laura, welcomed the birth of their son,

Copper Jagger Siegel, born on May 15, 2012.


Andrea Stolowitz’ play Ithaka world-premiered to critical acclaim at Artists Repertory Theatre in Portland, Oregon in June 2013. The play was met with critical acclaim and overwhelming audience response. In April 2013 Stolowitz won the 2013 Oregon Book Award for her play Antarktikos which had its world premiere at the Pittsburgh Playhouse, and was published in the summer 2013 issue of Theatre Forum magazine. Profile Theatre presented Andrea’s Knowing Cairo as part of its “in dialogue with Athol Fugard” series in April 2013. Stolowitz was also awarded the 2013 Career Opportunity Grant and 2013 Individual Artists Grant by the Oregona Arts Commission, and the 2013 Women Authoring Change Lorraine Hansberry Fellowship and the 2012 residency from Hedgebrook, Women Authoring Change in Seattle, Washington. In November 2013 she will be in residency for three weeks at The Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in Oregon to work on her latest play and a TV pilot. Stolowitz received the $25,000 Fowler/Levin New Play Commission in 2012 to write Ithaka. Read more at: www.andreastolowitz.com Darrell W. Fitzgerald Jr. is the author of SHE. Poems of Love Influenced By Her. Part one of the book can be seen as an audio/visual on YouTube listed as SHE, Darrell Fitzgerald. Darrell also discusses the book in The Womb The Center of Creation, found on Google. Darrel writes: “Another film of my writing can be seen on Youtube, listed as Love Live Dies, Darrell W. Fitzgerald Jr. which is one of the poems from the second part of SHE, SHE 2, The Breakup Poems In Depth by Darrell W. Fitzgerald. SHE 2, The Breakup Poems In Depth, by Darrell W. Fitzgerald Jr. is being sold at Cull Books, 677 Blue Hills Avenue, Hartford, CT. SHE 3 and SHE 4 have yet to be released to the public.” Darrell performed the poem See Now It Takes Courage Honey in his first motion picture appearance, The Snitch Movie, a J. Stan McCauley film. Both appear on Youtube, listed as See Now It Takes Courage Honey, Darrell Fitzgerald and The Snitch Movie Episode One, J. Stan McCauley. Other public readings appear on Youtube: 2nd celebration of SHE, Daryl Fitzgerald and Again from SHE, Daryl Fitzgerald. “My television appearances are on the shows Conversatio with Prince Lee and Education One with Sam Cephas on Accesstv.org and Make It Happen with Pamela Wright on Hartford Public Access Television.”




Class Correspondent Noah Leichtling reports: Anil Ranawat is an orthopedist at Hospital for Special Surgery and counts many Horace Mann alumni as his patients.  Anthony Jacobson and his family moved to San Francisco where he will be the head of the public defender's office.  Shawn Sabin recently returned from a trip across Russia.  Posted 1/29/ 2014

Tom Levinson lives in Chicago where he works as a litigator for Reed Smith, with special emphasis on disputes involving regulatory compliance, health care, and commercial contracts. In 2013 Tom was named to the National Law Journal Chicago’s “40 Under 40” list. He has been selected as an Illinois Rising Star, Business Litigation, each year from 2010 to the present, was a 2009 Leadership Greater Chicago fellow, and part of the Emerging Leaders program of The Chicago Council on Global Affairs from 2009-2011. Tom serves as the outside General Counsel for Interfaith Youth Core, and writes regularly about religion in America. His writing has been featured in Newsweek, the Chicago Tribune, and on National Public Radio, and he has created numerous television segments about religion and American life. He is the author of All That's Holy: A Young Guy, an Old Car, and the Search for God in America (2003), and is currently at work making a movie from his first screenplay. Posted 3/31/2014


Class Correspondent Noah Leichtling reported: Shawn Sabin has moved back to NYC after living in China for close to 10 years.  Anthony Jacobson lives in Los Angeles and was recently given the E3 Conference's Gamer of the Year award. Tom Levinson is an attorney who lives in Chicago and is also training to be an umpire for Major League Baseball, who joined their farm leagues for the 2013 season. Jamie Schiff is an attorney in New York City.  Chris Greene lives in Brooklyn and likes to surf. Dr. Anil Ranawat is a doctor and a New Jersey resident. Artist Greg Goldberg had his first solo exhibit in spring 2013, at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery in New York. The exhibit, Northern Light featured abstract paintings and works on paper, all done in natural light at Goldberg's Northfacing studio in NYC. Each work is a hand-made object, built slowly over time by layering dozens of pigments to create unique color relationships. Rich in opaque, translucent and transparent hues, the paintings change with light throughout the day and over the seasons. Goldberg graduated from Skidmore College and studied painting in Florence, Italy. His works are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. See his work at http://greggoldberg.org.  




Internationally-acclaimed pianist Orli Shaham (Robertson) released an album, "Nigunim: Hebrew Melodies" with her brother Gil Shaham ’89 on March 28, 2013. See Class Notes posting for 1989, above.  Jessica Glass Harris writes “Alice Lewis Harris was born March 9, 2013.   Jessica, her husband Matt, big sister Campbell and big brother Eliot welcome her with so much love.”  Ellen Boccuzzi published the book Bangkok Bound in March 2013. With the acceleration of global migration, literature by migrant writers has emerged as a powerful medium for describing how global forces are experienced on a personal level. Bangkok Bound is the first book to examine this body of literature and to distill the messages conveyed by Thai migrant writers about their experiences. Boccuzzi is a Senior Program Officer for Governance and Law at The Asia Foundation.




Paula Vayas Sherman & Todd Sherman


Marene Jennings had a great time at Paula Vayas Sherman’s October 2011 wedding to Todd Sherman.  Classmates Eleanor Assa Bertrand, Winnie Leung Dunbar and Martin Lan were also in attendance.  






Big sister Sloane


Elissa (Blankenstein) Miller, husband Jeffrey, big brother Chase (born November 30, 2010) and big sister Sloane  (born March 8, 2012) were thrilled to welcome new baby sister Brooke Caroline to the world on November 4, 2013.  The Miller family is excited for Chase to begin his education at The Horace Mann Nursery School in the fall, class of 2029!




Evan Siegal is proud to announce the birth of his second daughter, Isla Taylor Siegal on August 19, 2013.  Isla joins her older sister, Riley Matilda who was born on January 3, 2011.  Ephram Lustgarten left Starwood Capital to join Eastgate Realty as Senior Vice President.  Eastgate has backed a large number of prominent condominium development projects in Manhattan including 15 Central Park West, 50 United Nations Plaza, 18 Gramercy Park South, and the Greenwich Lane west village residences. Carolyn Nurnberg and Scott Spungin are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Lindsay Jana on May 31, 2012. 




In February 2013 Phil Bezanson was elected Partner at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP.  His practice focuses on White Collar and Regulatory Enforcement Defense and Internal Investigations. Posted 12/11/2013




Pia Cincotti and Peter Cincotti ’01 debuted their musical “How Deep Is The Ocean?” as part of the 2012 New York Musical Theatre Festival. One of the largest musical theatre festivals in the world it accepts only 30 musicals a year. To find out more about the play and to hear some of the music, please go to the following sites:  http://www.nymf.org/module-ShowManager-display-sid-1970.html and Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/HowDeepIsTheOceanMusical 




Anjali Malhotra was married in June 2013 to Neil Southward.  She is moving to London this June to be the team lead in EMEA for YouTube Music.  She will be back in New York in January 2015.  Posted 3/31/2014  Laura Millendorf was recently promoted to the position of Domestic Violence Coordinator at the Manhattan District Attorney's office where she will be supervising domestic violence prosecutions.  She is the mother of 2 year-old Robert Yopp.  Posted 12/16/2013


Randi Zuckerberg published two books on November 5, 2013: Dot. Complicated: Untangling Our Wired Lives addresses the multifaceted complications of our socially transparent world which the author also considers as Editor-In-Chief of her Dot Complicated blog. The second, Dot. is a picture book for children ages 4-8 that encourages them to spend time away from the computer screen or iPad and use their imaginations. Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media. Since starting the company she has produced shows and digital experiences for BeachMint, the Clinton Global Initiative, Cirque du Soleil, Bravo, and Conde Nast. (www. zuckerbergmedia.com).





Melissa Leber updated Horace Mann with the following news: After doing an emergency medicine residency, Dr. Leber completed a fellowship in sports medicine. She currently serves as Director of Emergency Department Sports Medicine and Attending Physician at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center Emergency Department in New York. She will also be practicing sports medicine in the Department of Orthopedics at Mt. Sinai Hospital under Dr. Evan Flatow. Aside from her medical training, Dr. Leber has gained experience in the field as Assistant Team Physician for the Pittsburgh Pirates, where she got to know HM alum, slugger Pedro Alvarez '05, and as Assistant Team Physician for HM's Varsity Football team in 2011. In other exciting news, Melissa recently was engaged to Dr. Jared Kutzin.  Posted 12/3/2013




Peter Cincotti and Pia Cincotti ’98 debuted their musical comedy “How Deep is the Ocean,” starring Tony Danza, in July 2012. (See Notes for 1998.) Peter released his fourth CD “Metropolis” in May 2012.




Charlie Friedman is the founder and Head of School at the Nashville Classical School, a free, public elementary school in East Nashville, Tenn. that opened its doors to 100 kindergarteners in August 2013.  



Melissa Matarese was married to Michael Fensterstock in June 2012. 


Nicolas Yannuzzi and his wife Kate are proud to announce the birth of their first son, Alexander Nicolas, born on August 1, 2013.


Atdhe Matoshi returned to his native Kosovo as a Fulbright Fellow, and has been revitalizing a community library there. Working through LitWorld, a non-profit that works to increase literacy globally, he is creating programs to provide reading teaching to children in Albanian and English, and Albanian instruction for adults. Current HM students collected and shipped seven boxes of books to Adi, whose goal is to “collect enough books to give each child one of their own.” The past year has been very busy for Halley Feiffer. In September 2012 her play I’m Gonna Pray for You So Hard kicked off the 2012  LAByrinth Barn Series. In spring 2012 she premiered her film He’s Way More Famous Than You (written by and starring Feiffer, directed by Michael Urie and featuring a cast including Ben Stiller and Vanessa Williams, http://www.villagevoice.com/2013-05-08/film/hollywood-farce-he-s-way-more-famous-than-you-is-unhinged-and-hilarious/) at the  Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, and then traveling to film festivals and screenings following the film’s May 10, 2013 opening at theaters around the country. The writer/actor was  back in New York premiering her play A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit at the Harold Clurman Lab Theater in September, and starring in Ethan Coen’s play Women or Nothing at the Atlantic Theater Company. A Funny Thing is a romantic comedy set in a cancer hospital. Scott Rogowsky’s “Running Late” show was selected to open the inaugural Woodstock Comedy Festival in Woodstock, NY, in September 2013. In October 2013 “Running Late” began a monthly residency at Symphony Space in New York. Billed as “a live comedy talk show for the internet age” the show features host Scott, his sidekick/father Marty Rogowsky ’66, and his house band The Musical Guests as they welcome New York City authors, actors, filmmakers, comedians, musicians, and otherwise interesting people to the Symphony Space couch. Past guests include Chris Elliott, David Cross, Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Gaffigan, A.J. Jacobs, Simon Rich, Anna Quindlen, and Michael Showalter.  www.runninglateshow.com/.  


David Chesner was married to Jamie Fuld ’05 in September 2012. He surprised her by proposing to her during a visit back to Horace Mann. Among the guests were around 50 HMers.





Carolyn Ureña was married to Stan Gabryszewski on January 19, 2013, in Wallington, NJ. The couple met as undergraduates at Princeton University. Among those in attendance were Deborah Stanford, Antoinette Ortiz (maid of honor), Rushelle ByfieldShari Levy, Fanny Chen ’05, Jonathan PullizaSakellarios Zairis, Angie Paik ’05 and Lauren Simpson ’03.


Tom Manewitz is a law student at the Univ. of Minnesota School of Law. Jamie Rude was engaged to longtime girlfriend Joanna Schwartz in April.  Joanna is a Chapin ’04 alumna.

Horace Mann School alumni from the days when Pedro Alvarez ’05 played on HM’s fields, and especially those who played alongside him on the team, had a great summer watching the slugger top the National League in home runs, and be selected to play in the 2013 All Star Game and compete in the Home Run Derby, which was held, this year, at Citifield in New York. Alvarez’ return to his hometown for the game and surrounding festivities brought out hundreds of his fans, including former teammates Judah Levine, Logan Lowe and Blake Schell who were in stands cheering, along with Ezra Levine ’06 and their former Lions varsity baseball team Coach Matt Russo.



Coach Matt Russo, Judah Levine ’04, Logan Lowe ’04, Ezra Levine ’06, and Blake Schell ’04 were among Pedro Alvarez ’05’s fans at the Home Run Derby at Citifield in July 2013. 


Pedro Alvarez had quite a year in 2013, and is off to a great start in 2014 spring training. Playing third base for the Pittsburgh Pirates, which he helped to its first-winning record in 20 years, he had 36 home runs, tying the National League lead for the season, and also had 100 RBIs.  These stats brought him a spot on the NL All Star team in July 2013, when he was also a contender in the Home Run Derby. During the playoffs Alvarez had three homers, and drove in a run in each of his first six games, being the first player to ever do so. Pedro had the support of friends throughout the season. (see story: http://www.horacemann.org/cf_news/view.cfm?newsid=586)

Alvarez also earned the coveted title of MLB Silver Slugger for 2013. At this writing, having played four games during spring training in the Grapefruit League in Florida, Alvarez has earned Games a .417 batting average, with one homer, three RBIs, two doubles and four hits in 12 at bats.





Stephanie Chou has new compositions she is showcasing at 6ix Studios in the Flatiron District, where she and her bandmates will be playing and singing at an unplugged acoustic show on Sunday, February 16, 2014 at 4 p.m. 1160 Broadway between 27th  and 28th  St., 4th floor. The set will include arrangements of traditional Chinese songs, Argentinian folk songs, and original compositions.  Posted 2/11/2014




Jamie Fuld Chesner was married to David Chesner ’03 who proposed to her during a visit back to Horace Mann. The wedding took place on September 22, 2012 at the Mandarin Oriental in New York. The couple met at Horace Mann and “have been together since I was a sophomore and he was a senior,” wrote Jamie last fall. Around 50 HMers were at the wedding, including family members: brothers Jonathan Fuld ’95 and Ryan Fuld ’07, and sister Jaclyn Chesner ’09. The bridesmaids included: Erica AlbertRebecca BalsamAlison GoldmanCarly Kuhn, Katherine Prescott, and Annabel Wiener. The groomsmen included: Mark Friedman ’03, Jonathan Gratch ’03, Peter Kane ’03, Brett Levine '03, Justin Morelli ’03, and Philip Willner ’03.


Jason Choi launched ZOETIK, an online trove of timeless quality jewelry, in April 2013. The e-commerce site at www.ZOETIK.com features a variety of stylish jewelry made with high-quality materials at surprisingly affordable prices, manufactured in a health-conscious and politically-correct way, while also doing good. As the website states: “All of our jewelry is hypoallergenic—lead, nickel, and cadmium free. We are proud to say that every piece is in compliance with Proposition 65 in the state of California, and exceeds the recommendations of European agencies, such as the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) and the Committee for Socio-Economic Analysis (SEAC), which set standards for jewelry quality.” Each month ZOETIK will introduce a capsule collection designed, curated and produced exclusively for the site, including one done in collaboration with non-profit Restore NYC to raise awareness on sex trafficking in New York City. ZOETIK features new designers, and offers emerging jewelry designers a chance to display and market their work, by applying through the website. The name ZOETIK comes from the word “zoetic” (rhymes with "poetic", which means of or relating to life.) Jason has an extensive background in jewelry sourcing, manufacturing, and importing. Pedro Alvarez had quite a year. Playing third base for the Pittsburgh Pirates, which he helped achieve its first-winning record in 20 years, and become a playoff calibre team. He had 36 home runs, tying the National League lead for the season, and also had 100 RBIs.  These stats brought him a spot on the NL All Star team in July 2013, when he was also a contender in the Home Run Derby. During the playoffs Alvarez had three homers, and drove in a run in each of his first six games, being the first player to ever do so. Pedro had the support of friends throughout the season. (see story: http://www.horacemann.org/cf_news/view.cfm?newsid=586)







Rebecca Smith is an account manager at Aetna, specializing in healthcare program development and data analysis for private equity clients.  She is obtaining her MBA at Columbia University. Posted 12/16/2013  Jensen Lowe writes: " I returned home this year from the Philippines where I served for two years in the U.S. Peace Corps. Now I work in NYC at a healthcare technology company called CipherHealth.  Posted 10/29/2013


Brendan Barile returned to Ireland in September 2013 to coach and play for the Sligo All-Stars Basketball Club. He will also get in some playing time in Galway with the Division One Irish National League Galway Titans Basketball Club. Brendan chronicled his first-year adventures playing and coaching in Sligo and Galway in an entertaining blog: EireBrendan.wordpress.com that continues to be worth reading. Gabriella Levy recently launched immerLit (www.immerlit.com), creating and marketing beautiful lighting fixtures of translucent porcelain. Levy studied ceramics for four years at HM, and then perfected her skills in classes at Skidmore, where she also majored in marketing. Gabriella writes: Since the beginning of 2013, I have been researching, designing and creating translucent porcelain lighting fixtures. About four months ago, this became immerLit, an official company that integrates fine art, design and function. immerLit light fixtures elegantly illuminate indoor spaces with the natural beauty of translucent porcelain, and works closely with individuals, designers and architects to customize design.” She also asks that friends forward her news, and follow immerLit on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @immerlit. Jeanette Rosario-Dilone is an actor who appears in 2013 in the ABC series Lucky 7 and in the upcoming film Hypebeasts. 


Matthew Thurm shared news about a film that he is working on. His film, Rover, is in post-production. About a greatly diminished and dispirited cult awaiting the sign to off themselves from their hapless leader, DAVE, Thurm shot the film over 15 days in November 2012 in a dilapidated 19th century Lutheran church in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He writes: “With no heat and little money, we had our work cut out for us, but we made it. We’ve just launched our trailer (and a Kickstarter campaign to raise some finishing funds), and I would love to share the project with the Horace Mann community.” Matt graduated from Swarthmore in 2010. A Comp Lit major and film studies minor, while at Swarthmore he wrote, shot and produced a short film that was featured at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner, and also honored at the Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival. After graduation he worked as assistant to Todd Solondz (writer/director of films including Happiness, Welcome to the Dollhouse and Life During Wartime.) Matthew then worked as Creative Executive at Double Hope Films with Indie stalwart Ted Hope (producer of over 70 films including 21 Grams, American Splendor, Adventureland, Happiness). Please check out his trailer for his current work-in-progress: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/494503324/rover-feature-film-post-production.




Connie Meltzer is in her second year as an AmeriCorps member in a college access organization called College Possible.




Chidiebere (Chidi) Akusobi is pursuing his MPhil in Biochemistry at Cambridge University as a recipient of the highly-competitive and prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship in 2012.  



Benjamin Jacobson was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps in June 2013 after graduating from the University of Chicago.




Alara Ocal will be pursuing a MPhil in Management at the University of Cambridge in England, after she graduates from the University of Chicago in 2014. A senior at Bard College Gabe (Gabriella) Rubin is a musician and is also directing Boyland, a film she co-wrote with Felix Bernstein about a forbidden relationship between a middle-aged photographer and a local Californian teen. The film features poets Kevin Killian and CA Conrad. After launching a fundraising campaign for the film—Gabe’s senior project at Bard—the director spent the summer of 2013 filming in Inverness, CA.


Katie Dubbs  was awarded Princeton University's Sachs Global Scholarship and will spend next year studying in Vienna, Austria. Dubbs was one of two graduating seniors to win the award.

The scholarship provides seniors interested in scholarship in fields likely to benefit the public interest with post-graduate opportunities to study, work or travel abroad. The award, named in memory of a Princeton alumnus, has two components--one for a student to study at Oxford, and the Sachs Global Scholarship, which provides a graduating senior support for an independent project at an established institution abroad to "engage in a transformative intellectual experience." Dubbs, an art history concentrator, said she plans to use the scholarship to study, perform and share lieder, a late-19th-century form of Viennese classical music also known as art song. She will study at the Vienna Conservatory, where she will be mentored by artists at the Vienna State Opera. She will perform in recitals open to the public and participate in discussions about the relevance of the form. Dubbs said her ultimate goal is to determine how classical music can be expanded to the larger American community. “In order to change the perception in the U.S. that classical music is elitist and archaic, I will go abroad to Vienna, where it is celebrated, government-supported and acknowledged to advance the public interest,” Dubbs said. While in college Dubbs founded the Princeton Opera Company and has served as its president, in addition to directing, producing and performing with the group. Dubbs has raised more than $10,000 in grants for the company’s programming, including 22 performance events. This activity was in keeping with her efforts while she was a student at Horace Mann School. A recipient of a grant from the Alexander Cappelluto Foundation, Katie initiated HM's first "Accapalooza" event that brought a cappella groups from independent schools across the area to perform, and raised funds to assist a Bronx public school create an a cappella program. The event continues at HM and is a highlight of the school year.   Posted 12/16/2013





Danielle Ellison is a junior at Yale University double majoring in Economics and Political Science. 


Brian Knott is an electrical engineering major at Stanford University and is a member of Stanford's Men’s Gymnastics team.  Brian became an All-American at this year’s NCAA competition, finishing 6th in parallel bars.  He contributed to Stanford's third-place finish with performances on pommel horse, parallel bars, and high bar. His score for the team final/individual event qualifier was the top in the country, a 15.45.  Brian also became an NCAA First Team All-American Scholar Athlete achieving a cumulative GPA over 3.8.  He was invited to compete in the US National competition this year, held in Hartford in August.  Videos can be seen at: PGChamps.com.  (videos, 2013 men’s national)




Former Horace Mann Lions varsity baseball center fielder and current Florida Gator Harrison Bader was named to the SEC (Southeast Conference) All-Freshman Team. Bader led the team in batting average, hitting .312 in 59 games. He also finished second in runs scored (37), second in on-base percentage (.371), third in slugging percentage (.376), and first in steals (15).


Sam Torres continues to perform around New York City while also studying at the Manhattan School of Music (MSM). He has two concerts scheduled in December. The first is Monday, Dec. 9, 2013 at Dizzy's Club at Jazz at Lincoln Center, 7:30 and 9:30 where he will be performing the music of Woody Herman with the NY Youth Symphony Big Band, featuring trombonist John Fedchock. This will be an exciting concert full of great big band music, and our first Dizzy's concert of the year! Have a look at the NY Youth Symphony or Jazz at Lincoln Center websites for tickets. JALC is at Columbus Circle, in the Time Warner Building. The following night, on Tuesday, December 10 at 7 p.m. Sam will be featured in the MSM Chamber Jazz Composers Concert, at the school's Ades Performance Space in a concert of original music for small ensembles by MSM Jazz students. Sam writes, "I am performing my piece called 'Tiles' with my quartet, and will be performing in another piece for tentet by a close friend of mine. Admission is free! MSM is on 122nd St. just west of Broadway. The front desk can direct you to the Ades space. If friends can't make it to either of those performances, Sam provided a video of his piece "Mutes" for sax and piano that he performed at a recent recital. https://vimeo.com/80585739. Audio of the entire recital will be available on Bandcamp. 

p.s. if you missed it before, here's a video from my recital: https://vimeo.com/80585739.  Posted 12/3/2013




Before heading off to their respective colleges Rurik Asher Baumrin and Colin Mark launched Fill A Room, a student-run literacy campaign with the mission of promoting literacy and equalizing educational opportunities for children and adults by broadening access to reading materials. Founded in June 2013, the campaign kicked off with a donation of 500 books of varying reading levels and genres to Safe Horizon, the largest victims’ services agency in the U.S. Since then, Fill A Room has donated books to hospitals, community centers, women’s shelters, and other victims’ service agencies, in N.Y. and beyond—including communities surrounding the University of Chicago and Harvard University where Baumrin and Mark, respectively, are freshmen. The campaign is run by founder Baumrin, CEO, Mark, President, and by current HM senior Danielle Steinman ’14, CFO and friend Elisabeth Huh, COO. The founders are hoping to start chapters in additional universities and high schools throughout the country and have incorporated as an independent not-for-profit in order to achieve their goals at the national level. During the summer of 2013 Fill A Room sponsored several events to help collect funds and books for their cause, including a jazz afternoon in Central Park that featured Same Torres ’12 among others, and a poetry reading in Van Cortlandt Park. www.fillaroom.org.







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